Vertex Standard's VX-1700

Vertex Standard's VX-1700 Multi-mode mobile HF radio delivers flexibility by operating as either a mobile radio or base station for long haul mobil communications. Providing 125 Watts of power, with 4 Programmable keys, and 200 channels to use the VX-1700 offers the features you need and reliability you count on to get the job done.
Features Include:
√ Receive Frequency Range of between 0.3 ~ 30MHz
√ Transmit Frequency Range of 1.6 ~ 30MHz
√ Frequency Synthesiser Steps:10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz
√ 200 Channels
√ Four programmable keys
√ Noise blanker
√ CW Semi break-in
√ CW Side tone function
√ VFO Mode
√ Field memory channel storage
√ Dual Watch Operation
√ Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Option